Basic Flight

$48 USD /Person


15 Minutes Flight

Safety Training

Insurence policy

Recommended Package

224.000 COP /Person


15 Minutes Flight

La Aurora Metro station shuttle service round trip

Safety Training

Insurence policy

Full Package

Since 230.000 COP /Person


 15 Minutes Flight
Door to door transportation
Safety Training
Insurence policy

1 Person: 320.000 COP/ Person
2 Person: 260.000 COP/ Person
3 Person: 240.000 COP/ Person
4 Person: 230.000 COP/ Person

Tandem Paragliding

Enjoy the magic of flight with no previous experience! Fly in tandem with an experienced instructor who controls the paraglider while you relax and feel the thrill of flying above Medellin.

The tandem paraglider we use is designed to support the weight of two people who are attached by two separate harnesses to the wing. Our instructors are certified by the Airsports Federation of Colombia (FAI) and are bilingual in English and Spanish in order to ensure your comfort during the flight. The flight team is equipped with a special emergency parachute to protect people if necessary.

Flight preparations begin at the takeoff ramp, which is located up a short hill from our office in San Felix. You will check in with photo identification before entering the grassy ramp area.

Please do not forget to bring your passport, as you cannot enter the ramp without valid photo ID!  Your pilot will provide you with a helmet and harness and help you adjust them so that they are properly set up. We will instruct you how to run for the takeoff, sit comfortably in your harness, and prepare yourself for landing. When you are ready, an assistant will help you and your pilot take off smoothly and soon you will feel the weightlessness of a bird.

Your flight will last at least 15 minutes. If you would like a longer flight, please notify your pilot before takeoff so he can plan accordingly. We hope you come away from your flight full of adrenaline and energy – already excited for the next time you can see the world from the air!


Medellin’s sunny weather and blue skies make it ideal for flying almost every day of the year. However, we put your safety first, meaning we occasionally cancel or postpone flights for bad weather.


Ruben Fly has a 25 year track record of 10.000+ flights without incident. See our Safety Guidelines for more information on how we ensure your safety so you can enjoy your flight.


All Paragliding Medellin instructors are certified nationally by the Colombian Airsports Federation (FAI). Ruben Fly has twelve national and international certifications showcasing his accomplishments and safety record as a pilot.

Video and Inflight Footage

Want your friends to see you experiencing the thrill of flying? We can provide you with GoPro footage of your whole flight, with awesome action shots and video of you, as well as incredible panoramas of the whole Aburra Valley.

GoPro Rental + Footage:  $12 USD per flight


Do you have any questions?

We love to get to know our customers! If you would like to learn more about our services, send us a message here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ruben Fly
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Register No. 11336 Association of
Paragliding pilots and instructors.
Instructor Tandem Nacional Fedeaereos
Registration No. COL-826-PG
Tandem flights
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Flying since 1992
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