Meet Medellin , the city of Eternal Spring


This mythical city also famous for the beauty of its women , entrepreneurs and friendly spirit of its people .

It offers many possibilities for entertainment and fun, excellent infrastructure, public transportation and beautiful scenery, pleasant climate throughout the year, besides all this the opportunity to fly over this magical city.

People born in Medellin the " PAISAS " are very receptive and visionary , which makes this the second largest in Colombia.


The site official flight closer to the city is San Felix just 40 minutes from the city center , is a paradise for pilots , there are several options off ramps , accommodating several wings at the same time , there are also the possibility of landing in the same place takeoff (Top landing).

This site flight offers good infrastructure with transportation to and from Medellin constantly served by several intercity routes, restaurants with typical and fast food, bar, camping sites and lodging, parking, you can also perform other activities such as paint ball, trout fishing , nature walks enter other.


Medellin can surprise all its visitors with its elegance and culture, numerous museums, parks, theaters, night clubs, casinos, restaurants, art galleries, bookstores, music festivals, fairs and famous events such as the Flower Fair in the first week of August and the well-known textile and design "Colombiamoda" fair in July.

His government has chosen culture as one of the main mechanisms of social inclusion, which provide many activities, attractions and incentives to strengthen and support local artists.


Transport infrastructure is excellent, the urban rail system (Metro) very clean and safe connects you with alternative systems of urban buses plus Metro and Metro Cable (cable cars) to the different areas of the city. It provides transportation quality, price and friendly to the environment, being all operated with electricity and natural gas.


You can get a taxi anywhere (there are more than 19 thousand registered) also is not expensive. Medellin has 2 terminals and inter-urban transport of passengers, where you can get local transport and all municipalities and departments, additionally can take "busetas" small buses that go to all places within the city.


Medellin is located in a valley surrounded by mountains colored by all green, small towns such as Santa Fe de Antioquia, where it was founded Medellin by the Spaniards over 490 years ago, its colonial architecture is preserved as historical heritage of humanity.


There may be many options for adventure sports and outdoor, such as rafting, mountain biking, paragliding, hang gliding, horse back riding and many others.


Medellin, The only risk is wanting to stay!


Medellín: Places of interest

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