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The Atrato River is the largest river in Colombia and also the inland of the country after the Cauca River and Magdalena River third. Born in Silver Hill in the municipality of El Carmen de Atrato, Western Andes and empties into the Gulf of Urabá in the Caribbean: most parts of the department of Choco and two sections of the course serves as a border between Choco and Antioquia department; for its seaworthiness it is one of the means of transport in the region. It also is part of Chocó, considered the most biodiverse region in the world and one of the rainiest, hence the high flow showing this river.

Flying in Cartagena - Colombia

Cartagena de Indias es uno de los destinos turísticos más importantes de Colombia y América Latina. El turismo se convirtió en un factor potencial de la ciudad gracias a sus atractivos naturales y su rica historia, de manifiesto en la variedad de estilos arquitectónicos.


El hecho de ser considerada Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la Unesco la fortaleció como una potencia turística de la región. La ciudad ha tomado reconocimiento a partir de diferentes visitantes ilustres, como presidentes, actores y diferentes celebridades del mundo. Posee dentro de sus principales destinos lugares históricos como el Castillo de San Felipe, el Palacio de la Inquisición, la Torre del Reloj, las murallas, las calles coloniales, y también bellezas naturales como sus playas.

Jump 130 meters

Ruben Fly, making a leap of 130 meters. bungee jumping is an activity in which a person is released from a great height, with one of the points of the elastic rope tied to your body or ankle, and the other end attached to the starting point of the jump. When the person jumps, the cord will stretch to counteract the inertia caused by the acceleration of gravity at the stage of the fall, then the subject will rise and descend until the initial energy of the jump disappears.


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