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Flights depend on weather conditions; Tandem flights can be enjoyed by anyone and are safe, with professional instructor pilots and an incredible view of the city of Medellin.

We recommend 20 minutes flights.



Flight cost: $125.000 COP

Flight cost: $165.000 COP

Only COP or USD

No credit card are accepted

Aditional Services

Camera GoPro

Rental cost:

$15 USD

It includes:

Micro SD 8Gb

We offer transport service, the cost dosen't incluid, the paragliding flight.


Hours of operation

Normally we start flying from 9:00 a.m., until 5:00 p.m. every day.


Our tandem flight activity largely depends on the weather conditions, Medellin´s geographical location and its wonderful climate, makes it ideal for flying almost every day of the year. To book your flight, it is best to call in advance to confirm reservation and to have information on weather conditions

Tandem flight instructor guided

What is a double, two-place, or tandem paraglider?

A tandem paraglider is larger than one built for a single pilot. It’s designed to support the weight of two people, and allows a person with no previous experience to fly with an instructor, who controls the paraglider. The pilot and passenger each have an independent harness attached to the wing and reserve parachute, ensuring your comfort and safety with both passive and active protection.


 The unforgettable experience of a tandem flight occurs in the following steps:


• Flight preparations begin at the take-off ramp, which is almost always located on a mountain, hill, or slope.


Your pilot will ensure your gear is properly set up, including helmet and harness. Your leg, shoulder, and waist straps are connected with safety attachments.


• You’ll receive instructions for how to run on take-off, sit comfortably in your harness, and position yourself for landing.


• We’ll take off by running along the ramp with the help of an assistant, and then…


• You’ll enjoy at least a 20 minute flight. If you’d like a longer flight, you please make arrangements with your pilot prior to take-off.


Once aloft, you’ll find yourself suddenly connected to the world of free-flight, already anticipating the next time you can make your dream of flying come true. We always hope that you come away from a tandem flight wanting to fly on your own, with your own paragliding gear.



You do not require any knowledge or experience for a tandem flight. A professional certified pilot from the FAI (International Aeronautical Federation) will take you to this magical and unique experience.




* Maximum weight allowed per passenger 130 kg. (260 lb.)

* Do not fly in adverse climates conditions.

* Do not fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

* Sandals are not allowed. Use appropriate footwear (sneakers or boots)


There are only a few medical restrictions like heart condition, blood pressure, dementia or  back surgery, let your pilot know!


There is no physical or age limit, we have flown with physically disabled people, with people up to 101 years old and with children as young as 2 years accompanied by a parent.


You can bring your own camera if you wish. During the flight you will have time and comfort to make exclusive photos so you can share with family and friends.


If there are excellent weather conditions, it is possible for the pilot to let you control de paraglide for a few seconds!!

 It is advice not to consume a lot of food and alcoholic drinks before the flight.


Wear appropriate shoes, long pants, a sweater or light jacket for the wind and  sun block.

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